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Open Please


Scavenger Hunt IV - 2006-2007 Edition

Please read full rules as there have been a few minor changes from last years successful scavenger hunt!

To see the Frequently Asked Questions - Click Here

The Prizes

Grand Prize
The scavenger hunt mission winning team members will receive a free DHS Seminars admission valued at 375$ per person and one free hotel room for your group members on your team for the duration of the seminar. The hotel room fee pays up to $300, but no more than the cost of 3 nights at the normal rate for seminar attendees. DHSeminars is the nations largest, most attended and best seminar to review for your dental hygiene national boards. In addition, each member will receive 1(one) free Class of 2007 tee shirt. Value of Grand prize - up to $1,045

More information please visit

2nd Place prize
The team that comes in 2nd place will receive 50% off their admission to a DHSeminars board review valued at $177.50 each for a total up to $355.00 for the group. In addition, each member will receive 1(one) free Class of 2007 tee shirt. Value of 2nd place prize - up to $400

3rd and 4th Place prize
Each team member on each of the 2 groups who win 3rd and 4th place will each receive 25$ to go buy some drinks and celebrate after boards are over! (Prize to be awarded week of taking national boards ...I don't want any drunk students trying to study!) In addition, each member will receive 1(one) free Class of 2007 tee shirt. Value of 3rd and 4th prize up to $145 total each.

5th - 6th Place prize
Each team member will receive 1(one) free Class of 2007 tee shirt. Value of 5-6th prize is up to $45 for each team.


The rules

Deadline: December 15th, 2006.

NOTE: DHSeminars are popular and its best to register early for them yourself. The winners of this contest will be notified and reimbursed their full or half admission price if they have already paid for an admission!

A) All photographs must be submitted to Andy Codding, RDH by either email or regular mail.

If emailing pictures please email those to if sending them please mail to:
AndyFutureRDH Scavenger Hunt
4516 Columbus Circle
Acworth, GA 30101

Please ensure you have a valid email address as confirmations will be sent out. If after submitting your photographs and you don't receive a confirmation within 3 business days, please email

B) All students must be in their senior year of hygiene school and eligible to take the next scheduled national board exam.

C) There must be only 2 or 3 students in your group, and at least two members must appear in every submitted photograph. If you choose to have two members then bring along someone who can help photograph your missions or ask a bystander. If you choose to have 3 members and use a 3rd as a photographer that is fine, but remember only 2 board review admissions are being awarded so you can opt to split the full admission price for the 3rd member. If 3 are in a group, you CAN take turns being in photographs, HOWEVER 2 must appear in every picture and again, only 2 prizes will be awarded. If there are any questions concerning this please contact me.

D) All pictures must also have a clear legible sign or paper being held up in the photo saying “,” “We love”, etc…. Be creative. (hint..such as T-shirts can also be made) No exceptions will be made to having the web site name in EACH picture. Extra points for creative signs are awarded at the end of the contest (up to 25 pts)

E) Scoring - Points awarded for each category will be made by Andy Codding, RDH and his web site consultants which consist of various dental hygienists and faculty throughout the united states. . In the event there is a tie for any of the prizes, Andy will not help determine the winner. In all fairness he will just ensure the website consultants follow a point system to determine who is in what final place.

There will be between 10-15 judges made of Andy's website consultants. Each judge will take those teams tied (categorized by what place they are tied for) first and rank them based on the teams open missions and overall creativity on other missions, including signs. Then points will be awarded as follows.

First Place - 5 points
Second Place - 4 points
Third Place - 3 points
Fourth Place - 2 points
Fifth Place - 1 point

Be original, risky, creative and have fun!

F) Completing missions is at the discretion of the group members. Not all missions must be completed, but naturally the more you complete the higher your chances of winning.

F) By entering the contest all team members agree to the rules posted here and for photographs to become property of as well as posted on web site for other competing teams to track their opponents. Once a photograph is submitted and entered - you can not resubmit another photograph to replace it once it has been posted. "Posted" means actually on the web site. If a photo was submitted and it is not yet on the site, then a new one can be turned in to replace it. Only 1-3 photos of each mission will be allowed (unless otherwise instructed such as the "floss em" mission).

The missions:

1) Fletcher: All members must take a group picture with a dressed up Fletcher/Dexter (the mannequin used in school), also with some type of hat on his head. Be original. More points are awarded for creativity.
(Value 15 points, +5 points if a one group member is kissing Fletcher on the cheek)

2) Faculty Shot: Take a picture with your program director holding a sign saying "I love"
(Value 20 points, +2 points for every classmate that is in the picture as well. Up to 20 extra points/10 students since some schools and classes have fewer students)

3) Disclose Me: Take a group picture with each member smiling with their teeth covered in plaque disclosing solution.
(Value 15 points, +5 points total if every group member is holding an oversized toothbrush)

4 ) Security: Take a picture with some type of security personnel.
(Value 15 points, +10 points if a policeman, +5 points if police car in background)

5 ) Mans Best Friend: Take a picture with a dog and one member brushing his teeth.
(Value 15 points, + 3 points for every group member, up to 2 total of 6pts extra for brushing theirs at the same time)

6 ) Plaster Caster - Find someone with a plaster cast on their leg, arm, etc and write AndyFutureRDH on it.
(Value 15 points)

7 ) Wash Me: You must use your finger to write AndyFutureRDH on the back of a very dirty vehicle, with at least 1 group member in this shot.
(Value 15 points, +10 points if it’s a school bus!)

8) Sale Price: Take a picture in the dental product aisle of any store such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, etc with each member flossing their teeth! No, don't steal the floss there...just bring your own!
(Value 15 points, +5 points if you get a customer to floss with you. +5 more if it’s a store employee)

9 ) 50-Yard Dash: Take a picture of your group flossing on the 50 yard line of any football field.
(Value 15 points, +5 points if a member is wearing a cheerleading outfit, football jersey, football pads or a helmet. -5 points if taken at night)

10 ) The Diastema Take a group picture in the mall in front of the Gap store. The store name must be clearly visible in the picture.
(Value 15 points, + 5 points if you can get an employee in the picture)

11) Floss em – Group members should stand on the corner of a busy intersection with traffic easily visible holding a poster board sign that says “Only floss the teeth you want to keep!”
(Value – 25 points, + 5 points for every picture of you giving a floss free sample to cars either stopped or going by.. up to 40 extra points can be awarded for this. Pl ease.. no interstates or dangerous areas..and don't step out into traffic! I take no responsibility for toes run over. :-) )

12) The Need for Speed - Take a picture of your group standing with as many different speed limit signs as you can, ranging from 5mph-70mph in 5 mpg increments (5, 10, 15, etc..) Sign must be in photo and one group member must be flossing! Be safe!
(+5 points for every mph sign photo. +5 if you have all 14!)

13) Stop That Taxi -Take your group photo with a taxi driver and his cab. Driver must be in cab with window rolled down.
(+10 points. +5 if cabbie is a woman, +5 more if cabbie is flossing)

14) The Great Pumpkin - Carve a pumpkin with a dental theme! Be creative! One photo must be in daylight and one in the dark with the pumpkin lit up. Multiple pumpkins can be used, however it only affects the creativity in the event of a tie at the end of the scavenger hunt.
(+ 10 points, +5 points if a group member is all dressed up!)

15) Water Scrubs - Take your picture wearing scrubs and jumping in some body of water. (Pool, lake, ocean, etc. Must be at least waist deep)
(+15 points. +5 more points if flossing at the same time, +5 more points if there is a picture of you in mid air jumping off diving board, side of pool, rocks, etc. )

16) Famous Flosser - Take your group picture with someone dressed up as someone famous. This can be any type of dressed up character such as Snoopy, Ronald McDonald, Charlie Brown, or someone dressed as Elvis, Barbie, etc. This does NOT count Santa Claus (see mission 19)
(+10 points. +5 more if everyone (including character) is flossing)

17) High in the Sky- Take group picture holding the sign somewhere up high. Be creative. Stairwells don’t count and the sky is the limit!
(+10 points, +5 points for creativity)

18) Sweet Tooth – Make a cake into a dental theme. Shapes, decorations, frosting, toppings, etc. Any size is acceptable but be creative!
(+10 points, +20 for pictures of your group having a messy cake fight afterwards!)

19) Tis’ the Season - Take a group photo with Santa Claus. Santa should be flossing and the sign must be clearly visible in the photo.
(+20 points, +10 more if it is in a mall)

20) Open Mission - This is your chance to show your wild creative side. Anything goes in this mission but remember website name must still be visible. Any type of media is accepted in this mission (videos and songs no longer than 5 minutes, or pictures)
(Value - up to 25 points with tough grading enforced!)

21) Open Mission II - This is your SECOND chance to show your wild creative side! Same rules as #20. Anything goes in this mission but remember website name must still be visible. Be creative!!
(Value - up to 25 points with tough grading enforced!)

Sounds like fun doesn't it!?



Please fill out the form below if you would like to participate:

Do you have comment or suggestion about this page? If so fill out this form:

Enter your name

Enter your email address

Enter your team name - Be creative!

What school do you go to?

How do you plan on submitting pictures? Email Regular mail


* This scavenger hunt is sponsored by DHSeminars and AndyFutureRDH


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