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Dental Songs by Anthony & Deborah

The Clinic Song - Anthony Krug  
I Gotta Know (Will My Patient Show) Anthony Krug  
My Patient Ed (Compliance) Song-Anthony Krug  
I will Survive by Deborah Vargas  
Fever - Anthony Krug  
A Little Less Conversation A Little More Hygiene Anthony Krug-NEW!  
A Krug Stop Scale Prophy Baby Anthony Krug-NEW! Added11-27-04  


Deborah Vargas
Anthony Krug
Email: Email:

Deborah is a senior dental hygiene student at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, OH and is working her way through dental hygiene school as a singer.

You can find more info about her and hear other songs at and

These three songs are by Anthony Krug who is a senior dental hygiene student at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, OH!

Anthony wrote the words and sang these incredibly hilarious, but true, songs! He would appreciate any feedback to his email address at

Expect great things from these two in the future!

Thanks Deborah, Anthony and Lorain County CC!



File Type

(Click to download)

Failed Colgate Ad NEW   Grandma never smiled so much!
Sparkling Mouth NEW   Bling Bling Baby!
Denture Wearin' Sucka Rap NEW   From Dr. Ryan Swain - A rapping dentist!
Dental Hurricane NEW   Another Rap from Dr. Swain
Paul Scull - That Song About The Dental Hygienist - NEW   Just a song from some dude
Sky Diving Dentures! - NEW   Watch out Grandma!
Raffi - Brush your teeth   Song for kids to brush thier teeth
The Jerky Boys - Dental Malpractice   Prank phone call to the dental board about a bad dentist.
Stuart The Tooth Fairy   From Mad TV - Funny video but not recommended for dial up users.
Steve Martin - The Dentist Song   From the little shop of horrors movie.
Obie Trice - Got Some Teeth


Hip hop song. Video is very funny but not recommended for dial up users.
Wierd Al Yankavich - Cavity Search   The parody man sings about the dentist office.



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