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Sheervisions NEW XX Ultra Light Optical Loupe System 

There are many reasons that loupes are important to dental hygiene practice. Loupes may be one of the most important parts of your patient care system.

Loupes provide incredible visual acuity as well as allow you to sit in an ergonomically correct and comfortable position. Dental hygienists are subject to a myriad of musculoskeletal problems. No one but a dental hygienist knows the physical stress that clinical dental hygiene can put on your body. Being able to work in a good ergonomic position from the beginning of your career may extend the time that you will be able to practice dental hygiene. We all know dental hygienists with neck and back problems. Don't let this happen to you.

There are two basic types of loupe technology, Flip-Up and TTL (Through-the-Lens). Here are some of the features of each type.

Picture on left are flip up loupes and picture on right are TTL's


Flip-Up Loupe Technology

Flip-ups are recommended by ergonomic experts as the best type of loupe for dental hygiene practice. As you know, dental hygienists move around the chair, changing their position as well as the patient's position many times during an appointment. Flip-up loupes offer the most flexibility for dental hygiene practice. With flip-up loupes you have the ability to change your angle of declination to any operator or patient positioning and you can also flip the optics up to write in charts or walk around the office.

The issue of infection control is a big concern for dental hygienists. With flip-up loupes you can easily change the position of the optics or flip the optic totally out of your line of vision by only touching an autoclavable flip paddle designed for this purpose. You can change these flip paddles between patients and always have a clean surface to touch. You do not need to handle the loupes with your gloved hands.

Flip-up loupes may be placed lower on the lenses, therefore, you have more over-the-top and peripheral vision. Even without flipping them up, you can look right over the top and to the side by just lifting your eyes. With a good quality optic, you then should be able to look back down through the optics and be immediately back in focus.

With flip-ups, initial prescriptions or changes of your prescription are easily placed in the lenses. Your own optician can do this for you, eliminating the necessity to send your loupes back to the company, at considerable expense, to have the prescription changed. This is a big money saver over the course of your career. Flip-ups are much more easily and less costly maintained. If you need a new frame, your optics are easily changed to the new frame.

SheerVision just came out with a new flip-up XX Ultra Light Loupe System that is lighter than most through-the-lens models. I have used SheerVision loupes since school. I have their original 2.5 magnification optics and I love them. Now they have this new ultra light model which weighs only 1.5 ounces. You won't believe how light they are!


TTL (through-the-lens) loupes

TTL loupes are loupes where the optic is embedded right in the lens of the glasses. The optics are closer to your eye and therefore must be placed more in line with your pupils. Measurements are taken and a "customized" working distance and declination angle are built into the loupes. "Customized" also means that you cannot change the angle. Everything is fixed. Also, you cannot "look around" the optic very well, since the placement has to be right in front of your eye. You do not have as much over-the-top or peripheral vision Since you cannot flip them up, you cannot move them out of your vision. This presents an infection control issue. To move the loupes out of your line of sight, you have to either try to slide them down on your nose with your wrists, or take your gloves off to remove the loupes.

Weight was a reason cited for purchasing TTLs. This was really the only advantage to TTL loupes. Up until now they were slightly less weight than flip-up loupes. But now, with SheerVision's new Ultra-Light Loupe System, you can get all the benefits of the flip-up at a weight that is less than most TTLs.

With TTL loupes, prescriptions must be done at the factory. If you need a prescription change, you must send your loupes back to the company, and, at considerable expense, have the prescription changed. You will be without your loupes for 3 to 4 weeks, minimum. Believe me, when you get used to using loupes, you never want to work without them. So what you may have to do is purchase a second pair of TTL loupes so you will not be without for prescription changes. This definitely adds cost to your loupe usage.


I did a thorough search for loupes when I purchased mine. SheerVision loupes have superior quality optics and their customer service is the best. I love where the optics are placed on the lenses. I have great vision over the top and to the side by just lifting my eyes. The other features I love with my SheerVision loupes are the 4.5 field of vision and the extended depth of field. I can move all around the patient, closer and farther away, and I am always in focus and have a great field of vision. This is very important when choosing your loupes. I think SheerVision has one of the longest depths of field. I have had my loupes for 2.5 years and they are great. SheerVision is one of the fastest growing loupe companies and, in my opinion, has the best product for dental hygienists. The price is a bonus with this company, too. You are buying direct so you save money that way. You are buying one of the best quality loupes at direct sale prices. Most, if not all, of the bigger companies sell through independent reps and dealers and that is one of the reasons you pay more with them.

SheerVision is the only company that has a separate dental hygiene division that is staffed by only registered dental hygienists! When you call to order, or have a question, you can talk to a dental hygienist. They understand all of the applications particular to dental hygiene and they can help you incorporate magnification into your practice.

It is important to consider all of the features when purchasing loupes.

-Quality is number 1. You must purchase quality loupes, your eyes are important. You do not want to compromise on quality.


-Company reputation and customer service

-Field of view

-Depth of field

-Proper working distance

-Flexibility in changing the declination angle

-Peripheral and Over-the-Top vision



-Ease of Prescription placement, you do not want to have to be without your loupes

-Cost to purchase and maintain

Many dental hygiene schools are now requiring loupes for their entering dental hygiene students. Right at the beginning of dental hygiene school is a great time to get your loupes. While you are learning your instrumentation skills, you can be sitting in a good ergonomic position and be able to see what you are doing!! You will be amazed to see how clearly you can see the markings on the probe. You are never guessing if the pocket is a 4mm or a 5mm. You can see those probe markings perfectly with your loupes! And, now that most dental board examiners are wearing loupes, wearing loupes will make you more prepared for your boards. Being able to tell prospective employers that you wear loupes is a plus on your resume.

Be proactive in your dental hygiene career. Many loupe companies offer a trial period where you can see for yourself how much loupes can help you. Loupes are rapidly becoming the standard of care for dental hygiene practice. Loupes can definitely change the way you can practice and can extend your career. Try some loupes and see what you are missing!


SheerVision Inc, Rollings Hills, CA, introduces their new “XX” ultra-light optical loupe system. Combined with your choice of designer titanium frame, this new “XX” ultra-light optical loupe system weighs only 1.5 ounces, less than many through-the-lens loupes. Enjoy all of the flexibility, versatility, and comfort of a flip-up loupe in the weight of a TTL. SheerVision’s optical loupe systems are designed to allow optimal ergonomic posture, decrease fatigue, reduce eye strain, and provide unsurpassed optical clarity. Ask about their 30-day in office trial period. Buy direct and save. Call toll free (877) 678-4274;

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