Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Have a foggy patient mirror and tired of wiping it on the patients cheek? Put some listerine on a guaze and wipe the mirror. Instant fogfree viewing!

Have trouble scaling the facial of lower anteriors becuase of a strong patient lip? Have them bite in an end to end bite (incisal edge of maxillary teeth to incisal edge of mandibular teeth). This will loosen up thier lips and will be easier for you to retract.

Have a kid who doesnt like opening their mouth? Have the child say "weeeeee" so that you can get to the facials and buccals, and then have them say "ahhhhhh" so you can reach the linguals.

Have a kid who won't take an x-ray due to the taste? Coat the film in some children's toothpaste and they won't mind holding it in their mouth.

For those patients with a strong gag reflex. Have the patient rinse with fluoride or tantum rinse for 1 minute. This will allow you to take xrays or scale the back teeth. It works by numbing their soft palate.

Janae says:

You can also put a cotton roll in the vestibule area for the strong mentalis muscle for extra retraction


Gag reflex? Any appropriate topical will do, even chloraseptic-on palate, and get your dog and pony show ready so you are in the patients mouth for mere seconds,before walking away touch their nose!


I was having trouble with instruments slipping thru my fingers when the instruments were wet with saliva, etc. I bought some rubber 'grips' that kids put on pens/pencils for school. Bingo... they survived autoclaving and also increase the diameter of the instrument handle a bit.

Also, I used some automobile touch-up paint (the little glass viles) and put a mark on the side of the handle where the cutting surface of the curette is, close to the metal neck. This way, I can quickly grab a curette and don't have to hold it up under the light to find out what's what and where's where... Eventually, several autoclaves later, the paint wears off. So, I simply 'touch it up'.

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