Wednesday, April 08, 2020


This is something that I came up with that gets alot of excitement out of the children that I see. I will take some of the foam hand soap and explain to child what plaque is, and how that its sometimes invisible, but you can also see it at times. And then go on to explain that when you brush you are trying to remove the plaque because that is what can make your teeth soft and cause problems.


So, I then show the child that I am putting plaque on the teeth and that I want them to brush it off for me so that I can see they can do a good job. After putting some "plaque" in one area that the kid watches, I then turn around so the child can't see and then put some more in the special hidden places that this particular child was missing, or is a common missed spot by children.


This is a huge hit with the kids I see, and their parents even enjoy it! This is the perfect time for the child to be entertained while you are getting xray's, writing in chart, making appointments, or anything else and it will keep the child from touching everything in sight!


I also often put the dental light on the teeth for the kids because it makes them feel like a dentist or dental hygienist! :-)

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