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Finding patients can be stressful ..especially when all your time should be spent studying ...right teachers? Here are some tips on finding some patient. Please post below your tips and I will add them to this page.

Make some flyers to post at:

1. Walmart, Kmart, grocery stores ...etc.. These places let you place flyers for free and its best if you make 1 flyer with little tabs at the bottom with contact info for people to rip off.

2. Place some flyers around your college. Most students are cheap anyway, and a lot do not have dental insurance. Maybe making some that target smokers or something about bad breath will catch their attention and is an everyday problem that alot of people face..

3. Health departments are a big place to get patients. Most of the people there have little or no insurance benefits, especially for dental and they would really be appreciative!

4. Another idea if finding patients is getting scarce, is to get a group of classmates together to chip in and get an add in the local newspaper targeting "people who have not had their teeth cleaned in 10+ years". When they call to make an appointment you can just go down the line of students in the group so that everyone gets a patient.

5. Word of mouth is always a big help. Always ask your patients if they anyone in mind that might want an appointment. Feel free to screen the patients as you like and be picky if you need to meet requirements. Get used to asking key questions on the phone such as "how long since your last cleaning?," "do you ever have a bad taste in your mouth?," "can you feel buildup behind your front teeth?" and also.."do you smoke?" Answers to these questions can often clue you in on if the patient will be a good candidate for any testing criteria, etc.

Remember that while the appointment lengths can be a turn-off, the money they can save makes up for it. Dental hygiene school clinics are for people that have "more time than money" and that should be able to market itself......

Don't be shy! Always make it VERY clear up front that it is a learning environment so appointment lengths will be longer, but that you do a thorough job. Make sure they understand the importance of being early for their appointment and showing up. Don't be afraid to mention on the phone that your grade is based on someone being in your dental chair so if there is ANY reason they might not be able to make if you need to know at least 24 hours in advance because you can't learn and stay productive without anyone to work on. Most patients are very understanding of this and are just appreciative to have someone do the work for a great price.

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Tana - has helped me, place an add for free in your local listing. I also wear a button at work that says "need you teeth cleaned? ask me?" my BEST patients have been from work.

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