Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Dental Hygienist role in access to care issues

Link between kissing and peridontal disease


OralCDX, digital photography and other early oral cancel detection

Oral and Facial Piercings

Antimicrobial properties of various surface disinfectants

Hearing impairment association with ultrasonic use

Digital radiography versus conventional radiography

Oral Health Care in Nursing Homes

Periodontal and Cardiovascular Disease Connection

Biofilms role in disease elimination

New advances in calculus detetction (Dectectar, Perioscope, etc)

Patient compliance with OTC tooth whiteners

Brush into the future: new advances in toothbrush design and use (this was my topic in 2002)

Xylitol and decay, whats going to stay?

Fluoride in the new millinium, is it the same as before?

Enamel removal of air polisher versus prohpy cup

Your diet and calculus buildup, is there an effect?

What's on that brush? Toothbrush contamination and proper disinfection methods!!!!

Trish Napier

I used to work in a perio office, and something of great interest to me was the placement of orthodontic implants. They were an excellent alternative to traditional orthodontics, yet I imagine my hygienist would not recognize what they are if they came acrossed them. Also,I learner alot this year about new advances with dental forensics, this was my topic. We also used a lap top for a continious visual display during our table clinic, and yes, it was within competition regulations in GA.

The Miami Winter Meeting with Gueiler Fernandez and Ivonne Vega.

Title: Mary Jane & Tina: The "High" way to Oral Disease (Marijuana & Methampehtamine)

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Lisa Barron

Anna Chapa

Robert Smethers

Sylvia Wood

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