Wednesday, April 08, 2020

First, CONGRATULATIONS! Nice big hurdle you just crossed!

You probably just want to jump right in and start early to get a head start eh? Well STOP! It's not worth it! This will probably be your only real break from school with nothing to worry about until you graduate, so make time for yourself ...relax, be lazy, and see your friends because you may not see them as much as you would want. Also this is a chance for you to save up some money because dental hygiene school is not cheap, and if you must work while in the program, the extra cash in the bank account will let you take more time off while in school so that you can study and prepare for big tests.

I had no previous dental experience prior to entering the program and one day while waiting for my car to get an oil change, I decided I would read one of the small books I had just purchased for the program. It was Periodontal Examination and that was a big waste of time. Most of the words were foreign to me, the pictures scared me, and I don't think I remembered anything out of that book by the time my first day came around.

When you start the program you will be on the same page as most of the other students. Sure some will have dental assisting experience but within a month or two ..everyone will be on an even level.

All in all, I would recommend to do nothing school related besides purchasing all your supplies. What you need to spend this time on is reducing some of the stress in your life, paying down bills, cleaning house, fixing things, organizing ..anything that could be done now so that when you do start classes you won't have to worry about that extra stress!

So, SMILE and be glad you made it. You’re in for a great ride but remember to buckle up!


Submitted from visitors to the web site:

Tammy - If you absolutely feel the need to know something entering the program I would suggest, memorizing teeth and their eruption dates and if you master that and still feel the need to learn, I would memorize the anatomy of each tooth. That is probably the most helpful information in the first semester of school that is very time consuming to learn



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