Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Is it getting close to the big test, and you don't feel ready? Have you been procrastinating the entire time with nothing but good intentions? Don't be afraid! There is still time left to get in some good quality studying. Here is a list of some last minute study tactics:

1. It's very important to set yourself a detailed schedule from this day forward. If you haven't done it yet, plan to study at least an hour every day during the week and at least 3-5 hours on weekends (depends on how far behind you are). Try to balance your time so that you focus on the areas you don't feel comfortable with.

2. Go to a review book similar to Mosby's, Prentice Hall, or Saunder's and open up the case study section. Take your time and answer the questions the best that you can. Place a + (positive sign) beside the questions that you positive about, and a - (negative sign) by the questions you are not sure of, or took a guess on, then go grade yourself and read ALL of the rationales behind each answer. Even if you knew the answer, the rationales usually provide additional information in helping you answer the question if it was reworded. From that point take the questions with a - (negative sign) beside them and make sure you look them up in Wilkins to get a little additional information about that area.

3. Review your medical terminology. Many answers are obvious due to their prefix or suffix.

4. Review practice case studies and old board questions online. There are many to choose from, but spend more time studying the information and not just the questions. It is more important to know the information rather than just a correct answer.

5. Be sure you understand Community Dental Health, indices and other sample problems. Also be sure to review Periodontology, Specialty Needs Patients, and Radiology. These topics tend to be focused on more throughout the boards.

6. Don't over study! If you are studying for more than an hour, take a quick 10 minute power-break each hour so that you can come back refreshed every time!

Good Luck! We can all do this! Just put your mind to it, stop procrastinating or panicking and just do it! Remember we made it into the program, and managed to make it this far! This is the last test we have to take, lets put everything we have into it!

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