Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Monroe College - 24 cases with multiple choice questions. Great site!

University of Iowa- Pathology cases with some pictures only. No questions but you have a chance to see and guess the conditions before seeing what the picture is.. no multiple choice..sorry.

Case Studies from Amy Nieves, R.D.H. - Several cases with all the works. Includes questions but discussion type only.

Dental Hygiene Education by Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS - No direct cases, but many links to other pages that include them, some with and some without questions.

P&G Case Studies - over 23 great cases, but requires you to register and no answers are given to the questions (you must get them from your teachers)

Brevard Community College - 9 cases with everything except questions - No questions but good info

Localized Juvinile Periodontitis - Links to other sites, some good info.

Oral Histology Images

Peridontal Treatment Videos

The #1 NBDHE

Reviewin the World!

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