Wednesday, April 08, 2020

- Loupes and headlight $500-$1300 One time purchase. To read more about why you NEED to purchase loupes - click here.

- Professional Liability Insurance- Yearly - which is only $59 a year! In today’s litigious society it seems that people will do anything for a buck. Most of the time you will be covered under the supervising dentist’s insurance policy but this is not always the case. In some circumstances a hygienist has been named in a lawsuit in which her dentist also placed blame on her for her neglect. In another situation, a patient sued both the hygienist and the dentist for failure to diagnose periodontal disease. Even if this is something that rarely occurs or you will just take your chance since the dentist has liability insurance that covers you - remember that you will have a lot of loss pay from court appearances, you won't have your own lawyer to represent YOU and if something goes wrong you can be held liable for monetary damages and risk losing your license that you worked so hard to obtain. For such a small price, there is no reason to not carry it.

- RDH Data Tracking Form - One time purchase - $14.99 (See section on production under the New Grad Section)

- Joining ADHA. Yearly - Around $200. This is a must! The ADHA is the only group protecting the rights of dental hygienists. They fight for improvements in our profession, fight against preceptorship coming to your area and more. It is said about 80% of dentists belong to the ADA and less than 20% of hygienists belong to the ADHA. You can easily see how they have more clout because when the lobbyists try to fight for something on our behalf, the lawmakers realize we only have 20% of our profession as a member in the ADHA and if we don't support our self and our profession, who will? You don't have to be an active member and participate, but by being a member you are helping us and our profession. Why work so hard to become a college educated RDH when it's possible one day it can be taken away from you and be given to someone off the street who learns on the job? You also get subscriptions to an Access and Journal of Dental Hygiene, discounts on insurance, CE's, etc... So you really are getting more than just a membership.

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