Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Under no circumstance whatsoever do you do a working interview for a dentist without being paid. They are charging the patients and earning money off your work, and you should be paid a normal wage for the time that you do your working interview. The only case I would not expect to be paid is if I work on the dentist or a staff member as part of the interview. Believe it or not, a lot of dentists are cheap. I've heard of some that do working interviews with hygienists, some half day, and some a full day in length and they don't pay the RDH because it's an "interview". That’s bogus and if a dentist does that to you, it’s a sure sign that they are a cheap ass, they can walk all over you, and that they will do it even more when you are hired. If a dentist tells you they want you to work a half or full day as an interview without pay, tell them to shove it and you can tell them AndyRDH said to shove it too! I bet his attitude changes then! I knew of a dentist who was so cheap that he had four separate hygienists doing working interviews the same week. Well that same dentist produced over $5000 in free hygiene production and he didn't have to pay a single penny in RDH salaries! Just say no! If he wants you to do a half day with no pay, tell him you are interviewing him too and ask if you can get some free restorations.

If you are looking for work in a small town, keep in mind that the good jobs usually are not advertised in the papers. If it's a small area, and it's a good dentist, the job usually gets filled by word of mouth. Hygienists like to talk and we know when a friend or someone is looking for a job, or has an opening. From all the thousands of hygienists I talk to, they all say to stay away from classified ads as they are generally placed by dentists you don't want to work for anyway. This is not the case in a larger city, however, so keep that in mind. Sometimes a dentist will have to advertise, especially if it is a group practice, it may be office policy to post the position in a paper.

Dental temporary staffing agencies are sometimes okay. I have mixed emotions about them, and wouldn't rely on one of them unless it was absolutely necessary. A high percentage of dentists usually needing temp services the most are those dentists that are in a bad part of town, have terrible equipment and schedule every 30 minutes. That has been my experience at least. I don't want to stereotype all of the jobs just based on my experience so I will give it the benefit of the doubt and at least check into it. I wouldn't commit to doing a temporary job unless you knew the location (is it safe?), what the schedule is like (are you double booked with no assistant?), etc. Remember, a dentist pays a temp service a lot of money to find you. They will typically pay $5-10 more an hour, which goes to the temp agency, not you, because they are so desperate. Try to do your own temping by sending out resumes and cover letters telling what days you can work. Most offices keep a list of people that can fill in.

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