Wednesday, April 01, 2020

I can't stress how important it is to be on top of your production. Dentistry is a business and to be a profitable employee you need to have proof that you are worthy of your pay, or in some cases prove your worth to gain a raise. You can read more about this in "How much should I ask for" section. I strongly urge purchasing the RDH Data Tracking Form that I spent months and over a year of time researching to create.

Of course some dental practice management programs can handle some of the tasks for you, but for you to actually do it on your own shows your accountability and proof that you do care how well you perform and what you bring to the office and business. With this Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, you can find a wealth of information that allows you to prove what you are producing and areas that you can improve upon. It tracks production by procedure, what you produce each day, per patient, per hour worked, as well as your percentage of goal and more. One special feature is that it even tracks downtime and how much the office is losing in money for every minute of every day that you don't have a patient in your operatory. This can be quite a scary figure to see on paper! In one month, our office lost over $15,000 in downtime. That would be enough money to hire a bus driver to go physically pick up our patients and still make a profit each month! This form will also display the averages and totals per day, month and year. To purchase this form, please visit it on the website by clicking here (insert link)

There are many ways you can be valuable to the office besides production based procedures, too (as discussed above), so don't let that be forgotten!

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