Wednesday, April 01, 2020

This varies from office to office but it always seems to work out better when they are on the doctor’s side first. They are usually scheduled for one hour and as soon as they get to an operatory, a free assistant (most dentists have at least two) takes an FMX, charts restorations, and does a preliminary questionnaire about the types of foods and snacks, dental history etc. Then they can signal a hygienist that has downtime, or might be waiting for a doctor’s exam to come in and probe. Probing in school seemed to take forever, however once you get your system down and by using and assistant it shouldn't take longer than five minutes. Once that's finished you can get an idea as to what periodontal classification they are and the doctor comes in and does a complete exam and will diagnose the periodontal disease, caries, oral cancer exam, etc. This helps out they hygienist tremendously because when doing new patients one of the most frustrating things to deal with is to have to sit there and do the treatment planning, sequencing, insurance estimates, etc. This can be done sufficiently by an assistant or someone at the front desk and it will not take away valuable production time out of your schedule.

Also remember, first impressions are very important! You want to have the best operatory, and staff of any office in town. Take a seat in your chair and look around. What does the patient see from their eye level? Is the overhead light streaky or full of finger prints? Are there cobwebs or dirt on the window in front of them? Are there ladybugs in the light on the ceiling? Is there dust on the edges of the vent in the ceiling? Are the counter tops free of excessive clutter? These are areas the patient will be looking at the most, so make sure they are clean!

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