Wednesday, April 01, 2020

It seems that everyone likes to email me asking for things they want information on, yet it took them longer to email me than if they would have tried to find it themself.

Sometimes it can be tough to find things online. It is said that there are 3 billion web documents on the internet. The WWW is not categorized like a library would be and you are often left to do guesswork on what words to search for and hope you find a relevant match. Is the best search engine as it searches each webpage contained within a website. Places like Yahoo, etc., only search for a website mactch, but most times the infomation your looking for is on a page within it.

To search an individual website for something using google just type in:

-----" funny"

site=your website you are searching / funny= what word or words you are looking for


1) Online Tutorials: Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice - Issue 13 is especially helpful.

2) The PICO Process: Searching for the Best Evidence in Clinical Journals:

3) CONSORT Statement: International Standards for Clinical Trial Design, Implementation and Reporting -

4) Statistics: Critical Analysis Tutorial, Basic Statistics for Clinicians -

5) Evidence-Based Centers: Centre for Evidence-Based Dentistry -

6) My All-Time Favorite: National Center for Dental Hygiene Research: This one was founded by Jane Forest and contains a wealth of information

Other useful indexes and sites

The Invisible Web Catalog The invisible search engine

Librarians Index



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