Wednesday, April 08, 2020

This is the spot to come if you just need to get a good kick in the butt. If your tender or weak hearted then I suggest you leave now and visit the motivation station. Consider this your warning.

First of all, why in the world are you wasting your time sitting on the stupid computer in the first place? Don't you think your nose should be shoved into a book right now? Well, let me tell you that your not too good to be studying every second you get. You, for one, really need it. I don't want to hear you crying when its time to take the national boards that "I'm not ready." You know what I have to say about that? Tough! Suck it up like a pro, turn your "you know what" back around and go open a book. See that dust on top? Yup, dont be afraid...that, my friend, is Wilkins!

Now you might be saying that you wanted to visit my site to help study. Well thats just dandy. Do you think its going to help? Well it better if you actually use this freakin thing! Just coming to my website and thinking that you can spend an hour here each day and feel good, well wrong! Wake up. Your pity party just got crashed and I am throwing out all your other classmates who think like you and I'm making them leave. Are they going to support you when your taking the national board again? Your got into dental hygiene school for a reason right? You didn't get into dental hygiene school by luck so you must have some motivation and determination in life. Did you lose all your brain cells listening to some boring Community Health classes? Well so have I, but I made it and you can to. We have all been in your shoes and yes, it does suck at times...but just look at the light at the end of the tunnel. It's really not as far away as you think!

If you still need a wake up call, then send me an email. I am always free to yell at someone. I needed to be yelled at when I was in school a lot! Sometimes everyone that I wanted to yell at me, didn't care, or they were feeling the same way as me. So, I care, and I will whip you into shape.

This many people have been verbally abused by Andy and still want more!

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