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Learn from your mistakes! You will not know everything and don't expect to know everything all the time. You will forget things and you will learn from your mistakes. Don't be a perfectionist becuase your only hurting yourself. You are here to learn and you have to learn how to take constructive will only make you a better student and person in the long run.

Andy Codding. 2nd year student at Floyd College in Rome, GA



I hung this in the locker room at school to remind myself and others that mistakes are going to happen - it's how we learn! But we don't have to let those mistakes bring us down and rule our life.


Now go out there and be the best student you can be! Do it and you'll never regret it.

Good luck to all of us in school now!

Kelly Moore, Second Year Student at the University of Cincinnati Raymond Walters College

You will have days that you just want to give up, and days that you think you really are not meant to be a hygienist. When you do start to feel that way, remind yourself why you decided to do this in the first place. You will mess up, NO ONE is perfect, but if you hang in there and really try and put forth your best, then you can do what ever you want to. Keep your priorities in order and don't forget to have fun. It really is a blast. Good Luck to everybody!

Kelly Milford. 2nd year student at Athens Tech in Athens, GA

Life is full of surprises, some good and some bad. It is easy to let experiences and situations bring you down, but don't get discouraged. Some times things do not go as we plan, and we think, "why me?" When you're having a moment, a day, or even a phase when you think, "why me? why now?" or if times get tough, just remember the quote below and recite it to yourself--I promise (from much experience of reciting it myself) your spirits will be lifted and your worries put at ease:

Nothing is Accidental

Nothing is Incidental

And no experience is wasted

(author anonymous)

Niki Nelson. 2nd year student at Floyd College in Rome, GA

I think it is a good idea to keep dental hygiene board material handy so that you can study when you have spare time. I keep a book in my car in case I am somewhere that I have to wait. I also keep Saunders at my boyfriends so that if I am visiting I can use free time to review if he may be on the phone, etc. I also keep some dental deck cards in my purse. Every little bit helps!

Ceci Berrong Clayton State University

Words of Wisdom: The end is near and we thought we''d never get this far. So if you are doubting yourself and your abilities to take the boards then just remember that you have come so far in the last 2 to 3 years. And you will continue to just by believing in yourself. You will pass the boards and you will be an excellent hygienist. Good luck and God bless!!

Ann Keasler - Floyd College - Rome Georgia Graduation: May 2002

Words of Wisdom: Know that if you''ve made it this far, you will make it the rest of the way....just keep on studying!

Sandie Curren - Portland Community College Graduation: June 2002

Words of Wisdom: Attend Dental Hygiene Seminar National Board Review. Excellant course, caring presenters. Hard studying is rewarded with great breaks! Provides great snacks and no late classes therefore you are fresh with each course.

Anna Chaney

Study, have fun, study, make lots of friends, study, save some time for yourself :)

Jennifer Khatchaturian - Pasadena City College Graduation: may 2002

Words of Wisdom: Time does pass. I can''t believe we are almost done. When school is getting you down, just think, "In ten years, will this matter? " Of course it may take you ten years to forget all that stress!!!

Sherri Jimerson - Shoreline Community College Graduation: June 2002

Words of Wisdom: Don''t forget to breathe!

Helen Willis - New Hampshire Technical Institute Graduation: may 2002 

Words of Wisdom: Study hard and don''t give up!

Laura Carson - Athens Tech Graduation: June 2002

Words of Wisdom: Keep important notes on flash cards and save them to study for boards!!!!

Angela Wilcox - Ferris State

One more time for the road, I know you''ve heard these words many times before, Anything and Everything is possible if you have a true desire for it Im a product of what hard work will get you.

Angela Windley - Hostos Community College - Graduation June 5th, 2002 

Check out the ADA released examinations to get a feel for what the real exam will be like!

Sarah Ridgley - Madison Area Technical College - Graduation: 2003

Just keep looking straight ahead to your goal.

Sonia Dubord - Palm Beach Community College - Graduation: 2003 

Attending a dental hygiene program is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life!! Stick with it even through all the bull****. Don''t fall behind in your studies and projects. Stay strong and bond with your fellow classmates. You are all in it together and with each others help you will make it.

Melanie Kennedy - Georgia Perimeter - Graduation: May 2003

Don''t beat yourself up. Celebrate even the smallest triumphs.

Kathy Busch - Iowa Western Community College - Graduation: 5/03

Take a weekend off from studying each month and don't even think about school.

Cathy Lopez - WCTC - Graduation: 2003

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