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Saturday, September 21, 2019

I Want to be a Dental Hygienist So Freakin' Bad - By: AndyRDH


Frequently Asked Questions

The rules state that the grand prize award is up to $1,100. What exactly does that mean? When would the award be less?

With the team prizes being "up to" that's depending largely in part on how many team members are in the group. Each tee shirt is valued at $15 but if only 2 members are in the group then that's a $30 prize value versus 3 members with 3 free tee shirts as a $45 prize value. The grand prize is up to $1,100.

How are the prizes awarded? It the money given to the board review and then we are given a refund or is it just a cash prize?

The first and second place winners who get all or 50% admission to the seminar can be credited that amount and pay the difference for the seminar, or if they've already paid then can get a reimbursement check at the seminar. Most of the DHS Seminars fill up fast so most students want to guarantee their spot at the seminar and if they are lucky enough to win then DHSeminars will reimburse the students directly. If the students choose not to register and hope they get the grand prize (or second) then the cash prize will be credited to them and they can just register for a seminar without paying. Most students opt for the first reimbursement because like I said, the seminars fill up fast and we wouldn't want them to miss out just in case they lost. DHSeminars has had to turn down many "walk in" students to the reviews because of no space.. so its best to reserve it! The winners of the contests are usually not determined until Jan 8th,, 2013 and some DHSeminars start the first week in January. The tee shirt prizes and cash prizes are mailed to the students after January 10th (and after confirming tee shirt size and color). The team that comes in 2nd place will receive TWO 50% off Admissions to a DHSeminars board review valued at "up to" $200.00 each for a total "up to" $400.00 for the group. This prize is awarded based on 50% off the original $400 registration fee. This means each team member on the winning team will be responsible for $200 of the admission cost to attend the seminar. As a 2nd place winner of the competition, the class discount offered by DHSeminars no longer applies. The winner of 2nd place gets 50% off the total of the normal cost of the seminar (does not include class discount). If you are winner of 2nd place, then you will be responsible for $200 cost to attend.

How many students can be on a team? I noticed last year there were some teams with 2- 3 group members.

Teams can have no more than 4 students. All photographs and videos must have ALL members of your team in the photo or video minus 1 student to allow for a photographer/videographer. This means if your team has 4 students you must have at least 3 in EACH photo. If your team has 3 students, at least 2 need to be in all photos. 2 student teams means 2 students need to be in the photo so you will have to bring a photographer, use a stranger, or set the camera timer..

The prizes will stay the same. There will still be only 2 free admissions awarded for the winner and two half price admissions for the 2nd place team. If your team has more than 2 students, I recommend choosing 2 students to get the free admission and then splitting the cost of the seminar among everyone else. So for example, if the seminar costs $400 a student. A team of 4 would mean the total for all 4 people would cost $1600. You win and get 2 free so the cost would be $800. Split the $800 4 ways and each person would pay $200. That's just what I recommend. It would be like 4 students winning 50% each, but it's up to you how you split the prize. I'll just need to know the 2 names who are getting free admission and you work out the rest of the details with your team. You would only have to do that if you won, though, and then you decide as a team what to do with the two free admissions.

My classmates don't want to participate in my group photo. They don't like having photos made and/or I have a smaller class size than the total possible point subission.

I can understand your dilemma in the group photo. If possible grab some teachers, or even 1st year students. Some in last years mission didn't want to be photographed either, but they decided to sit in and help the team members by being in the photo.. but wearing clinic scrubs, masks, glasses and some even had the bouffant caps. Underneath all that its tough to even know who it is. I had seen pictures of me in the past and I didn't even know it was me! If they don't want to help that way then just try to grab an extra person from somewhere. I wouldn't be too concerned here if you were 1 or 2 people short. Times like this I will make an exception if it comes down to it and just put an asterisk stating your class is less than ___ people. If this is the case I will need a note from faculty stating how many students are in the class. In some rare circumstances I have seen senior students with only 6 and 7 students in their class!

When will the winners be announced?

Typically we should have everything finalized and posted on the main page of www.AndyFutureRDH.com no later than January 13th, 2014.

Do you accept bribes?

The only bribe I take is in the form of your open mission entries. Make them good and make me happy!

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